manual ipsec setup for osx 10.5-10.6

It is suggested that you use the WiTopia Client and not the alternate software. We fully support setting up and using alternate connections though. Please use the following directions to setup the VPN your computer.

Setup IPSEC On your Apple OSX Computer

Apple OSX 10.5/6 (Leopard & Snow Leopard)
a. Open your Systems Preferences.
b. Click on Network.
c. Click on “+” in bottom left of window to add a configuration.
d. For Interface choose VPN from pulldown menu.
e. For VPN Type choose Cisco IPsec
f. For Service Name you can call it whatever you wish.
g. Click Create button.
h. For Server Address, click “IPSec Server Location Addresses” below, for options:

IPSec Server Location Addresses

USA IPSec VPN Gateways

Canada IPSec VPN Gateways

Central/South America IPSec VPN Gateways

Europe IPSec VPN Gateways

Africa/Middle East IPSec VPN Gateways

Asia IPSec VPN Gateways

Oceania IPSec VPN Gateways

i. For Account Name, enter your VPN username

There are two formats for usernames and they are NOT interchangeable. Please see the “details” under your active services via the portal to see your correct username.

Format 1: username@witopia (notice that there is no .net at the end)
Format 2: W\ (the W \ must be present)

  1. For Password, enter your WiTopia VPN password.
  2. Click on Authentication Settings and choose Shared Secret and enter “witopia” (no quotation marks)
  3. Click OK
  4. Click Apply back at Network window
  5. Click Connect

Enter password again, when prompted, and you should receive welcome message. (With Macs, you will have to enter this every time you connect).

That’s it! Enjoy