1. Click HERE to log into your WiTopia Account
  2. Click on View Credentials under your Cloakbox subscription
  3. Click on Generate OpenVPN Configuration File at the bottom of that window
  4. Select your preferred VPN Gateway Location, then click on Download
  5. create an OpenVPN Configuration File for each location that you wish to use -> you may load up to five

  6. Log into your Cloakbox
  7. Click on VPN > VPN Client
  8. Turn OFF the VPN ( if ON )
  9. Click on Browse, then select the new OpenVPN Configuration file
  10. Click on Upload
  11. Update the Description
  12. After Complete is displayed, click on Apply at the bottom of the web page
  13. Select client instances 2 through 5, then repeat steps 8 through 11 to update each VPN connection
  14. Select the preferred client instance, then turn ON the VPN and click Yes by Automatic start at boot time
  15. Click on Apply at the bottom of the web page